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Rice Bowls

Served with rice, veggies & clear noodles (Japchae)

salmon bowlSalmon


eel bowlEel


galbi jjim braised short ribGalbi Jjim Braised Short Rib


Soft Tofu Stew

Served with rice & veggies

soft tofu with chickenSoft Tofu with Chicken


soft tofu with beefSoft Tofu with Beef


soft tofu with shrimpSoft Tofu with Shrimp


Stir Fry Noodles

Served with veggies

stir fry chickenBBQ Chicken Stir Fry


stir fry shrimpShrimp Stir Fry


Egg Noodle Soup

bbq chicken egg noodle soupBBQ Chicken Noodle Soup


beef egg noodle soupBrisket Beef Noodle Soup


spicy beef noodle soupSpicy Beef Noodle Soup


meat combo noodle soupMeat Combo Noodle Soup


fish ball noodle soupFish Ball Noodle Soup


shrimp noodle soupShrimp Noodle Soup


wonton noodle soupKorean Wonton Noodle Soup


BBQ Plates

Served with rice, veggies & clear noodles (Japchae)

bbq chicken plateBBQ Chicken


fried lemon chickenFried Lemon Chicken


spicy porkSpicy Pork


bulgogi beefBulgogi Beef


kalbi bbq beef short ribsKalbi BBQ Beef Short Ribs


two item combo bbq beef chicken2 Item Combo (BBQ Beef and BBQ Chicken)


two item combo bbq beef and fried lemon chicken2 Item Combo (BBQ Beef and Fried Lemon Chicken)


two item combo short ribs bbq beef2 Item Combo (Beef Short Rib and BBQ Beef)


korean pork cutletKorean Pork Cutlet


spicy tofuSpicy Tofu


veggie sweet tofuVeggie Sweet Tofu



thai milk teaThai Milk Tea


thai coffeThai Coffee


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